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Camp Lamp Presents: Dreamscape

May 18th @ 8:00 pm May 19th @ 2:00 am EDT

Welcome to the Dreamscape Stimulator 9000!

At Dream Corp, we extend an invitation to step beyond the confines of reality and immerse yourself in the enchanting realms of lucid dreaming. Our new Dreamscape Stimulator 9000 is your gateway to an extraordinary adventure within the corridors of the imagination.

In the Dreamscape, you can consciously navigate your own internal dream world. With each step, you explore deeper into your own subconscious realm. Envision walking through an ever-shifting landscape, where the boundaries of dreams and waking life meld into endless possibilities. On your journey, you may encounter fantastical landscapes, mythical creatures, and moments of surreal beauty.

Each journey within the Dreamscape is unique – what will your journey bring you?

Age limit: 21+

Musical Acts

(Alphabetical Order)

  • Channy
  • Cromafor
  • John D.
  • Omega Protocol
  • more to be announced!


Costuming is not just encouraged; it’s the key to immersing yourself in the fantastical world of your own imagination.


Parking Information TBA

Camp Lamp Rules and Guidelines

  1. At Camp Lamp, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.
  2. Consent – Always adhere to the rules of consent: Ask first, “No” means “No,” and intoxicated individuals cannot consent. Additionally, please be aware that prior consent experiences do not grant consent in current situations.
  3. No Smoking or Vaping of tobacco or cannabis inside the property. Smoking is permitted outside.
  4. Be considerate and maintain a quiet atmosphere between your vehicle and the property.
  5. Respect the space – We are fortunate to have wonderful hosts, and we aim to leave a minimal impact on their space. Do not damage the property, and dispose of your trash responsibly.
  6. Know Your Boundaries – Attendees should not come with the intention of testing or pushing their body’s limits.
  7. Obvious signs of intoxication may lead to removal without refund. If you negatively affect the experience of others, you may be confronted and possibly removed.
  8. Lamp reserves the right to remove or ban attendees at their discretion. Violations of our consent policy, intoxication policy, discrimination policy (including, but not limited to, sex, age, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation), or compromise to the safety of our venue or event may result in immediate removal from the premises and blacklisting from future events.

-=-= Special Note=-=-

Dreamscape is a dynamic fundraising event aimed at supporting Camp Lamp. The funds raised during tonight’s event will contribute towards essential needs such as maintaining our storage unit, financial recovery, upgrading equipment, fostering artistic endeavors, organizing future events, and much more. We invite you to join us in championing our camp’s unwavering commitment to enriching Boston’s musical and artistic communities. Your support will help us continue bringing the spirit of “winning” to the heart of our vibrant creative scene.


May 18th
8:00 pm – 2:00 am EDT
$35 – $50
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Camp Lamp