GARAGE SALE feat. G Notorious, Konvurt and Phibonacci

9 April, 2022 to 10 April, 2022

11:00 pm / 2:00 am







Hi yalls,

3rd time’s a charm! We have been pushed out by COVID twice and we’re giving it another go. Join us Saturday, April 9th for the long-awaited triple threat of:


Always at The Keep in Lowell, MA Always the Second Saturday and

Always <<<<<< FREE >>>>>>>


Come out, dance, have some whiskey, scotch, fancy cocktails and craft beers.
(Come before 10pm for full menu)

<3 Phi _____________________


Rabbit Revolution, Good Deed DJs

At the core, Konvurt is first and foremost an eclectic electronic music collector finding enjoyment and inspiration from a vast range of sounds—from mashup to turntablism, deep to filthy, club to rave, his approach to listening has always been adventurous. Evidence of this fusion of stylistic influence reveals itself when he gets behind the decks—a central sonic theme forms the basis for sets often spanning several genres, tempos and beat structures. As much an enthusiast of the technical side of DJing as the musical, he utilizes a wide arsenal of tools and techniques to take his spinning beyond the standard mix-and-blend, always experimenting with new tricks in hopes of adding more creativity to his performances. Since his public DJ debut playing loft parties in 2013, Konvurt has provided opening support for international names (DJ Gammer, Sketi) and featured on prominent event lineups from several of New England’s most formidable crews—whether rocking prime time at a Tight Crew rave massive with funky glitch-hop or bumping syncopated UK garage beats for a clandestine Rabbit Revolution loft afterhours, his style is an affirmation of an unshakeable desire to discover, explore, adapt and reimagine.


SoulChampion, SUBduction Productions



Geoff “G Notorious” White has been repping the sounds of the UK underground since the early 90’s from Hardcore and Jungle through the entire spectrum of UK Garage, Grime, Dubstep, and UK Funky, and continues to follow Bass music worldwide. Initially starting his DJ career as one of the first five Jungle DJ’s in Boston with a residency at the seminal Jungle Roots/Sessions night, he also made regular appearances at Toneburst events, tunnel, basement, and rooftop parties, and local raves as well as playing on the weekly radio show, The Syndicate on WJUL in Lowell. Throughout his 24+ year DJ career, G Notorious has played up and down the Northeast US, and as far as Miami, FL, Urbana-Champaign, IL, and Dallas, TX. He has also run several local nights including, Language, Lively (Boston’s first 2-Step weekly), Runnin, and Dubwise. As a producer, G Notorious was once dubbed by URB Magazine one “…of the most promising up-and-coming (2-Step) producers here at home (the US)” and has released various tracks and collaborations on vinyl, compilation CDs, and digital download. G approaches writing tunes with the same qualities he looks for when choosing other people’s, contrasting soulful elements with rugged breaks, beats, and bass while infusing his tracks with syncopation, swing, bounce, and a tendency toward Reggae and Hip-Hop influences.


Robot Haus, Garage Sale

Phibonacci has been in and around the rave scene since 2001. Having listened to electronic music since the mid nineties, the discovery of a culture centered around this genre felt like coming home. Phibonacci began primarily as a visual artist. For many years, music and dance drove her visual art practice as she evolved from live painting at raves from 2002-2004 to VJing from 2004-2006. Under the moniker, “VJ Phi”, she collaborated with members of the Glitchcrew and also performed at various local raves. Among some of her gigs were the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC, the Burning Man festival, and Ultra Music Festival/WMC. VJ Phi was also one of two resident VJs at the Phoenix Landing for Recycle in 2005.While Phi enjoyed VJing, she always had a desire to be behind the decks as part of the kinesthetic experience of selecting music and moving the dance floor. She wanted to have a hand in the music that painted images in her mind. As such, Phibonacci was born out of the visual stylings of VJ Phi. Phibonacci learned how to DJ by feeling the patterns of the music through dance and by observing and listening to favorite local DJs. She purchased her first set of turntables in 2006 and began playing out regularly in 2012. Throughout her career as a DJ, she has played internationally and locally for Atari Safari, Mutiny, Live Free and Dance, Diehard on Decks, Rise, WZBC Green, WBRS, Infrasuoni, 30 Gedanken zum Tod, Vinyl Siding, Firefly Precom, Burning Man Decom, Kick It Recordings, 4orce Productions, Good Deed DJs and Beatdown Productions. Phibonacci has been a resident DJ with Beatdown Productions, Kick It Recordings (Subterra), and PBMTV. Phibonacci is currently a resident DJ with Robot Haus, and runs *this* Garage monthly in New England, USA.