Garage Sale feat. DJ Glowworm and Mike Incillo [res. Phibonacci]

8 October, 2022

11:00 pm / 2:00 am


The Keep

110 Gorham Street



Hi yalls,

Garage Sale returns to its home Saturday, October 8th with DJ GLOWWORM, MIKE INCILLO and PHIBONACCI ❤

SO STOKED!!! Who else wants to accept the garridge challenge?

Always at The Keep in Lowell, MA
Always the Second Saturday

Garage Sale from


Come out, dance, have some whiskey, scotch, fancy cocktails and craft beers.
(Come before 10pm for full menu)

Phibonacci is a DJ and multimedia artist who has been involved in the rave scene since 2001. DJing came naturally to Phi as an auditory translation of her visual and kinesthetic understanding of music. Her education in and experiences with arts and psychology inform her track selection and style, creating a dynamic soundscape of dirty bass, shuffly, face-slapping funk and candy-coated vocals. What better genre to paint a picture of rainbow nightmares than speed garage?
Phibonacci got her first pair of tech 12s in 2006, and has continued to play out locally and internationally over the last decade accumulating DJ residencies, art exhibitions and countless other projects. Phi recently released her first three track EP of original productions and currently runs the ~ONLY~ UK/US garage monthly in New England.

-Mike Incillo (Muck Crew)


Mike Incillo first started djing in 1999 under the moniker Vito G, after going to years of raves, and falling in love with the sound of electronic music.

In the mid 2000’s, shortly after the Muni closed its doors he, along with other members of the Muck Crew, started a weekly event for 3 years called We Won’t Stop Wednesday’s which hosted djs from all over New England, Canada, Beijing, and more.

He has played WEMF in Ontario, White Rabbit After hours in Ottawa, throughout the east coast down to Gainesville, FL, and most recently San Francisco, and Santa Cruz.
Typically playing tech house / house / minimal / deep house / techno styles, tonight he’s getting down with some speed garage / uk garage / 2step.