Bone Slums was amazing! Huge thank you to everyone who came out and to everyone who helped make it happen, and a special thank you to Teotek & Saiyan.mp3 for travelling across The Pond to share some UK Bass straight from the source! ๐Ÿค–๐Ÿ–ค



Under One Roof: Round Two

Platforms Dance Club 165 Poe St., Providence, RI, United States

Lineup: Rosetta D33p JackPot Love on Decks Venom Mike Incillo Dan Bookum Jeff LeClair G-Force Sunshine at night Finkle & Einhorn Dupe Osheen Sumthin Huge Kerry Quirk Dj Reaper Twist of Fate Jackie Treehorn Unspun Paulywog Danny Sparkles Khalil Alamin Biclops Notorious Chow b2b Howie Rivet Good Frank Liquid Cash Dj A$$ets DJ BRDY Jonathan ...

MoreUnder One Roof: Round Two

$15 โ€“ $30